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Protecting you against potential fraud is important to Sun Hung Kai Financial, and as such, we have implemented a range of security measures to protect our customers. However, in the unlikely event that fraud occurs, or, if you suspect that fraudulent activity or irregularities may have occurred with respect to your account(s), you are advised to immediately contact our Anti-Fraud Helpline on (852) 3920 2980. For more tips on identifying fraud, please click here.

Please note that we will only ask you to provide your personal details through our specified regular communications channels, and we will never ask you to provide your password(s). To safeguard your interests, you are advised to (i) keep your password(s) secure and change it / them regularly; (ii) ensure that you visit genuine corporate websites of our Group; and (iii) verify the identity of the person / entity requesting such information before you provide your details. If in doubt, do not provide any information and report the matter immediately to our Anti-Fraud Helpline. For more tips on online security, please click here.